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A warm welcome is extended from the Annandale staff to all members of the Annandale Public School community and to all new students and families. We trust that the school will provide you and your children with a rich, safe, supportive and friendly learning environment.

Annandale Public School has a long and proud tradition of providing children from Preschool to Year 6 with quality educational experiences in a caring and creative environment. Our Early Intervention Unit caters for preschool children from 3 years to 6 years, or school entry age with significant disabilities in the areas of Cognitive, Fine Motor/Gross Motor, Language, Social/Self Help and Autism.

Annandale Public School is a historic building which features the original gate of the old Annandale Estate circa 1796. It is located near the commercial end of Annandale, minutes from the CBD. As well as providing mainstream K - 6 education, the school has developed special purpose units that provide for wider community needs. These include a preschool, an early intervention unit for children with disabilities, and itinerant support teachers for hearing. The school's superordinate goal is a commitment to provide students with: a range of quality learning experiences; opportunities to develop the skills and understandings necessary to live a confident, satisfying and productive life; and a friendly, supportive and creative environment.

At Annandale Public School we expect high standards in all that we do. We encourage our students to aim high, set targets, work collaboratively and consistently to achieve outcomes, be sensitive to the rights and needs of others and participate as members of the democratic, egalitarian society to which we all belong.

We are one of the leading providers of primary education in the local area and are proud of our reputation, and of your success in helping students to achieve their dreams and learning targets. The exit outcomes for our year 6 students demonstrate that when students leave us, they are confident as learners and leaders, and are excellent ambassadors for our school's core values.

We also have a very strong and supportive Parents and Citizens Association, the members of which work tirelessly to make sure that the school is supported in its pursuit of excellence. I would encourage you to join this amazing group of people, all of whom, in addition to supporting the school, have formed friendship bonds that extend beyond the school gates.

In welcoming you to our school, I also remind you that my door is always open to parents. A meeting can be arranged at any time by talking to our wonderful office staff who will schedule it at your convenience.

Kind Regards

Lisa Lupton


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