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Meet your P&C executive

Office bearers of the P&C Association in 2023

Office bearers are elected at our Annual General Meeting in March every year.

President Jamie Darams

Vice President Lauren Jenkins

Vice President Alice Harrington

Treasurer Rosemary Donald

Secretary Lucy Thawley


If you are interested in supporting specific projects or interest areas within the school, please contact the sub-committee chairs via the P&C secretary at

Sponsorship Volunteer needed

Fundraising Volunteer needed

Kitchen and Garden Volunteer needed

Uniform Shop Chin Yin Chim

Communication Volunteer needed

Traffic Safety Volunteer needed

Preschool Volunteer needed

Class reps

Each class needs two volunteer parents as Class Reps, to be the vital contact point between teacher, parents, and P&C. They help to create a social and supportive network of families in their class.

If you'd like to be a class rep, please let your class teacher know at the Meet the Teacher evening in early Term 1.

As a Class Rep, you'll stay in touch regularly with your class teacher, parents and the P&C, and manage one of our most important P&C communication tools – the class email lists.

Being a class rep is a great opportunity to get involved in your child's class and get to know other parents. It does not require a huge amount of time, but you will need regular (daily) access to email, and we hope you can attend P&C meetings once a month.

Role of the class rep

  • Collect and manage class list email addresses
  • Pass on regular P&C communication to class parents by email
  • Request assistance with class activities and organise class P&C events (such as an annual cake stall)
  • Welcome new parents and families to the school and class
  • Organise informal social events from time to time to help class parents and carers to get to know each other
  • Stay informed of class and school news, and help other parents with questions

P&C Management

Our Association is an incorporated association and is governed by the standard constitution for incorporated P&C associations. It is affiliated to the Federation of Parents & Citizens Associations (NSW) and meets the financial and legal obligations placed on all P&C associations.

What do Office Bearers do?


The President is responsible for ensuring the successful functioning of the Association so it can achieve its objectives, and is responsible for fostering the fair participation of all members and consistent adherence to its constitution.

The President chairs all meetings of the Association and the Executive Committee. The duties of the President include preserving order, ruling on contentious matters of procedure and assisting the progress of discussion by preventing irrelevant or repetitious discussion or offensive remarks.

The President may represent the Association at official functions and act as the Association's spokesperson when public statements or actions are appropriate.


The Vice-Presidents are required to take on any of the Presidential duties defined above when invited to do so by the President or when the President is, for reasons of illness or alternative commitments, unable to undertake those duties. If, for any reason, the President's office falls vacant, one of the Vice-Presidents should act as interim President until a new one is elected.


The Treasurer is responsible for the sound financial management of the Association. The Treasurer receives and deposits monies, maintains records, draws cheques and presents accounts, in the form of a report, at each general meeting. The Treasurer presents all records for auditing each year and ensures that the audited accounts are tabled for adoption at the Annual General Meeting.

The Treasurer is responsible for the handing over of all financial records, to the incoming Treasurer should the Annual General Meeting decide to elect a new Treasurer.


The Secretary is the principal administrative officer of the Association and is responsible for carrying out the decisions of the meeting - unless otherwise stipulated.

The Secretary prepares, in consultation with the President, all meeting agendas. The Secretary maintains a list of financial (voting) members.

The Secretary is also required to attend every Association meeting and take notes of the discussions in order to produce a set of minutes for distribution to members. Minutes should indicate the time, date and location of the meeting, the members in attendance, the apologies accepted, the identity of the Chairperson and record every decision which was supported by majority vote.

P&C Privacy Policy

Our use of personal information

The Association collects and uses personal information as part of its activities. For example, the Association circulates meeting notices and minutes, function advertisements, fund raising information to people who are members of the Association.

This privacy policy ensures regulatory compliance, and allows people to have greater confidence in knowing that their Personal Information is handled in an appropriate manner.

If we collect any Personal Information about you, such as your name or contact details, we will comply with the following principles:

Collecting Personal Information

If we invite you to provide Personal Information to us, we will clearly indicate how we intend to use that information. For example, we may wish to use Personal Information to personalise communications to you, or to inform you of further information relating to our functions and activities.

Using your Personal Information

We do not disclose any Personal Information that we hold on you to any unrelated third party, except where you have given your express consent for us to do so or where required by law.

If you are a participant in one of the Association's working groups or subcommittees then your contact details may be given for communication purpose to the person who has agreed to convene the group.

If you tell us that you do not wish us to use your Personal Information for a particular purpose, we will not do so.


You may elect to unsubscribe to Association emails by simply replying to any Association email with unsubscribe in the subject heading. You will receive an email to confirm that you have been taken off the Association's mailing list.


The Association uses all reasonable efforts to ensure that any Personal Information provided by you is held securely.

Accessing and updating your Personal Information

If you require access to any Personal Information that we hold about you, wish to notify us of any change, modification or correction or would like us to delete your Personal Information from our records, please contact the Association through the Secretary.

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