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Annandale Public School Preschool Philosophy


At Annandale Public School Preschool, we believe that each child, family and educator is a unique and valued person; therefore we seek to honour and respect each individual by accepting differences and celebrating diversity. We aim to create an atmosphere that is nurturing and warm, where all our families feel welcomed and have a sense of belonging.

It is a jointly held belief between school and our families that children should be encouraged to follow their interests and strengths with the support of the whole school community. We all believe that play is essential to children's learning, we believe in the Early Years Learning Framework, and that children learn most effectively in the here and now. We believe all children are capable, creative and involved learners who benefit best from play-based experiences where they are given time to engage in being. Through play children make sense of their world and connections with others. Our children tell us that they want to come to preschool and make friends and learn from their educators.

We believe children should be encouraged and supported to make their own decisions and choices, to discover and create in collaboration with other children and educators. We value the importance of engaging in meaningful early literacy and numeracy concepts within the context of intentional and play based experiences. We encourage and support children to express empathy for others, to interact peacefully and cooperatively. Our children tell us that they feel safe and secure in our preschool and that the environment is fun and exciting. It is our belief that children are capable, resourceful and valued members of the community who can develop respectful, proactive attitudes to their environment and participate in a sustainable future. The effort we put into developing partnership with families is valued by them, as we all strive to support children in becoming socially aware members of the community.

We believe in developing respectful relationships with children, families and staff through open and meaningful communication. Parents and educators recognise the importance of working as a cohesive team drawing on each other's skills and experiences to provide a holistic and well balanced learning environment. We invite each family to participate in the preschool community and welcome their interest and involvement.